About Re-using Growlers

We agree. Our bottles are too beautiful to just throw away or recycle. You CAN reuse your growlers!! Please check our "Find Us/Embibe" page for a list of taps where you can fill your glass. If you don't see it on tap at your local store, suggest to them that they carry us on draft! We're more than happy to set up kegs around VT. 
We're also going to start having limited on-farm hours for growler exchange/fills again starting the first week of January. The freezing temps this winter have made it hard to leave our shelves stocked BUT, you'll soon be able to drop off growlers again (so long as they're in good shape! no scratches, still with caps). We're thinking pick up/exchange times will be noon to 6pm on Fridays, but stay tuned via facebook and insta for the latest! 

Seven Days on APIS

Drink Up:
Raw Honey Kombucha From Golden Well Farm & Apiaries | Bite Club

Check out Seven Day's Article about APIS Honey Kombucha and Golden Well Farm's Pizza Night!

"The resulting honey kombucha is sparkling and gently sour, a taste more akin to a lightly funky ale than a probiotic health tonic. A cold draft of APIS’ cherry-tarragon kombucha is light and tart, complementing a slice of merguez and butternut pizza without overwhelming it with sweetness. (My stomach's simultaneous offering of probiotics and pizza felt like a double success.)" 

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