APIS Honey Kombucha was born from a love of honeybees.

Originally from opposite coasts, we (Ryan Miller & Nicole Burke) met in New Mexico where our love of beekeeping brought us together. After our summer wedding in Vermont (where Nicole's family is from, and bee forage is plenty!), we decided to move back East in 2011 to pursue our love of beekeeping, start a family, and begin Golden Well Farm & Apiaries.

Ever since we first began keeping bees and growing food, our vision has always been to form a model farm where we could share our love of sustainable agricultural, healthy lifestyle, delicious food and drink with others. APIS Honey Kombucha was created as a gift of health to enjoy with our community. We invite you to raise your glass with us and drink in life!

Health and the honeybee:

APIS Honey Kombucha began after experimenting and researching ways to brew kombucha using raw honey instead of sugar. After finding a Jun SCOBY to work with, we started testing a myriad of teas and honeys to find just the right combination. Not only does the raw honey in APIS create a more delicious and smooth kombucha, it's added health benefits are enough to call it a true elixir of life! While the traditional Jun is still a favorite of ours, APIS Honey Kombucha has begun to incorporate fruit and herbs from Golden Well Farm & Apiaries and other local organic farms to create flavors like cherry-tarragon, lemon verbena, crabapple and even Vermont-grown ginger. 


Get involved with Farm Life:

Golden Well Farm & Apiaries isn't just about growing organic vegetables, raising chickens and making amazing kombucha. We also host farmstays at our B&B, and, through our once-in-town 2 Wolves Center, we now host AgEd events, yoga, martial arts classes (Ryan teaches Systema & Aikido), meditation, women's circles (Nicole leads these on the New Moon) herbal classes, retreats and Farm to Table events right on the farm!


Come see us sometime!

In order to keep updated on what we're offering (ie. new flavors, shops where we're on tap, kombucha subscriptions, farm to table dinners and other farm happenings) sign up for Golden Well Farm & Apiaries' email list by filling out the form below:

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